We’re all living through a mentally and emotionally taxing time. So please allow Ryan Phillippe, Kylie Bunbury and Katheryn Winnick to gently ease you into their gripping new ABC drama, Big Sky.

In the behind-the-scenes video above, Phillippe & Co. explain the mystery that lies at the core of David E. Kelley’s latest series, which is set in Montana — aka “a vast and expansive landscape where secrets are easy to hide,” says the Shooter alum.

As the clip continues, it outlines the show’s premise: We watch as a pair of sisters realize that their car has overheated during a late-night drive in a heavily wooded area. But when someone pulls over, ostensibly to help them, it soon becomes clear that they are in serious trouble.

Or, as a law-enforcement character played by John Carroll Lynch (American Horror Story) says in what feels like a very casual manner: “We have the occasional young female vanish around here.”

Phillippe plays Cody, a private detective tasked with finding the girls. The cast also includes Kylie Bunbury (Pitch) and Katheryn Winnick (Vikings). Bunbury is Cassie, another P.I. whose relationship with Cody isn’t strictly professional… much to the apparent ire of his estranged wife/former cop Jenny, played by Winnick.

“Are you two over or not?” Cassie asks Jenny in one scene. “You tell me,” Jenny shoots back. (Winnick offers her own funny summation of the Jenny-Cassie relationship at about the :45 mark.)

Big Sky premieres Tuesday, Nov. 17, at 10/9c.


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