Katheryn Winnick and Kylie Bunbury love a little shift in wardrobe.

The leading ladies of the ABC drama Big Sky put aside their character’s dark, law enforcement attire in exchange for a fun, flirty Spring attire — and PEOPLE has the first look.

“After nine months of shooting in Vancouver with the rain and wearing sweats every day to work, it was so much fun to get dressed up in a pair of high-heel, thigh-high boots and red lipstick,” Winnick, 43, told PEOPLE of the shoot, which was photographed by Caitlin Croneberg and styled by Leila Bani. “Getting a chance to play again and be a girl again, especially with COVID and all the lockdowns, it’s very rare to get a chance to dress up so I loved the opportunity to bring out my feminine side and get a chance to explore great wardrobe.”

Winnick, who plays ex-cop Jenny Hoyt in the series, and Bunbury, who portrays detective Cassie Dewell, took advantage of the unique Vancouver backdrop and changed gears for a high-fashioned, editorial styled shoot — and, yes, fun was had!

“We deal with some heavy topics on this show, so being surrounded by such warm, electric and talented women was exactly the energy shift I needed,” Bunbury, 32, said of the all-female crew.

“It’s always inspiring and empowering when there’s a female energy on-set from hair and makeup to lighting to photographers,” said Winnick. “I think it’s also important to support each other and have fun so definitely the vibe was very positive.”

Before the dramatic return of the drama’s first season on Tuesday, the dynamic duo reflected on the past year and how they’ve grown — both professionally and personally.

“Professionally, it’s been extremely challenging on set to keep the creative flow going in a safe environment with the masks and rules, but it also allowed us to think outside the box and find different ways to connect with crew members and cast mates,” Winnick said. “Personally, it’s also been a challenge just because it’s been a year that we’ve been shooting in Vancouver, Canada with the border closed. So I’ve been away from my family for nine months, going on 10 and I absolutely can’t wait to go home and spend some quality time, and definitely much appreciated time, with them now.”

“I’m unapologetic about who I am, what my boundaries are and not afraid to speak my truth,” Bunbury added.

During Tuesday’s episode entitled, “Catastrophic Thinking/All Kinds of Snakes,” Cassie (Bunbury) and Jenny (Winnick) officially partner up to take down a fresh slew of troublemakers three months after Ronald’s escape. But right as the women begin to get acclimated to a new normal, a new wave of obstacles gets in their way.

“Expect the unexpected,” Winnick said.

The two-hour return of Big Sky premieres Tuesday at 9 p.m. EST on ABC.


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