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No Kid-ing!

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Role: Lauren Taylor
Rating: PG
Genre: Short, Comedy, Drama
Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 2014
Running Time: 18min
Directed by: Monette Moio
Written by: Monette Moio
Produced by: Monette Moio
Cast: Sean Bayat, Kylie Bunbury, Alexis Codding, Holly Gagnier, Kevin Grossman, Ashton Moio, Monette Moio, …
Olivia (Monette Moio) is almost done with her senior year of high school when she finds out some interesting news about her brother Marks (Ashton Moio) newest fiance Lauren (Kylie Bunbury). Third time's a charm.


Lauren is happy to be engaged to Mark and to become part of a family soon since she doesn't have one and is alone. It all seems perfect until Marks sister Olivia stumbles upon a letter that suggests that Lauren had a baby that she shipped off to live with his grandma. When Mark confronts her about it she is confused because what she was trying to tell him was that she can't even have children.


Kylie Bunbury and Ashton Moio starred together in TWISTED.
Kylie Bunbury and Ashton Moio weren't just dating in the film but also in real life.